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Software Solutions

We pride ourselves in creating software that focuses on automation, accuracy and reliability.

Data Services

We have the tools and expertise to Scrub, Clean, Transform and de-duplicate large data sets such as that found in Provider Directories, Member Enrollment and other related data.

Industry Experts

We have experience in all aspects of healthcare data management and solutions deployment.

  • Experience
  • Innovation
  • Customer Satisfaction

Our software and services have encompassed the entire gambit of healthcare transactions and processes from: enrollment, authorizations, case management, customer service, notifications, repricing, adjudication, capitation, payments, billing, reporting, reimbursement, ach/eft, banking, web services, system admin, and all things in-between.

Technology is meant to serve the customer. MCSI focuses on the development of solutions that fit well within a client's enterprise allowing them to grow and change with their market.

Nothing makes us happier than gratitude and accolades from our customers. We enjoy our client interactions and delivery of software that makes their work-lives easier.

Our Customers

  • Third Party Administrators
  • Preferred Provider Organizations
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Self-Funded Organizations
  • Insurers
  • Capitated Payors
  • Carve Out Specialty Payors
  • Prison Health Systems
  • Hospital Systems
  • Any Entity that handles claims, enrollment, etc.
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