Project Management Services


The project management styles we use vary by client and project size and you will find that MCSI adapts to your preferred methodology be it Agile, Waterfall, etc. It is our experience that test driven development provides the best final outcomes. To support this, MCSI has developed integrated testing tools to aid in project delivery and on-going regression testing. The entire MCSI team is fully integrated into the project management life cycle. All staff members are well versed in the contribution to the life cycle and the importance of accurate estimates, delivery scheduling, testing and expected outcomes.

Internally we have a project management work cycle for each work product where requirements define final outcomes and expectations. Work products are defined for each deliverable piece of work with estimates and dependencies to support the life-cycle of the final deliverable. Managing work related to the defined Work Products prevents expensive scope-creep and our resource tracking and progress monitoring tools enable us to provide accurate project health reports.