Security & Compliance


MCSI has expert resources to assist with HIPAA compliance and data security. MCSI has been a trusted Business Associate of Covered Entities large and small since 1997. Our systems support workflows that facilitate privacy and security, especially the protection of Electronic Protected Health Information (EPHI), and our experts can help you protect your data. Internally, MCSI is very security conscious as well operating under the principle of least privilege, and all staff members are thoroughly investigated and trained.


  • Well versed in the HITECH Act of 2010
  • Product support for your deployment of the Implementation Specifications
  • PCI DSS Control Objectives to provide concrete solutions
  • ISO 27000 correlation with Implementation Specifications to achieve ISO 27001 certification


  • Systems support of role based access control
  • Configurable departmental security
  • LDAP integration
  • Single-sign on support
  • Support for a variety of encryption and authentication methodologies


  • International Classification of Diseases
  • Procedures and Diagnosis. Versions 9 and 10
  • National Drug Codes (NDC).
  • Dental Procedures and Nomenclature.
  • The combination of Health Care Financing Administration Common Procedure
  • Coding System (HCPCS) and Current Procedural Terminology, Fourth Edition (CPT-4)