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Since 1997, MCSI has successfully installed IMPACT in some of the largest PPO, TPA and self-insured organizations in the country.Our successes are well known, with one of our customers being named in Computer Magazine's 'best IT departments of the year'.  Other clients have been able to greatly expand their operations because of the increased capacilty they gained using IMPACT.

The IMPACT system reaches auto-adjudication levels previously unheard of.  This is accomplished with a suite of software programs that analyze claims using Business Rules developed by your best examiners.  Once implemented, these rules apply flawless pricing and payment values to every contract and benefit situation regardless of their complexity.

Your ROI begins immediately upon purchase with competative licensing, efficient implementation, and tailored workflow automation.

IMPACT is ICD10 and 5010 compliant.


QUALITY is the reason that we have made our mark as a company.  At MCSI, we believe that superior quality of both our product and customer service will give our clients the competitive edge needed to increase their volume of business.


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  97% auto-adjudication,  1 day claim turn-around.  Here's how they did it!
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